Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-27


The Conservatorio di Musica Fausto Torrefranca welcomes incoming students, teachers and staff.


Deadline for incoming students: June 15th (Autumn term), November 15th (Spring term)

Requirements for the application

  • Erasmus Application Form with photo [download here]
  • Learning agreement in draft
  • Curriculum vitae
  • A recording is required for performers (cd/dvd or link, min. 15 minutes); composers are requested to send min. 2 scores

Note: you can send your application in paper form (with dvd or cd) or by email; links to recording are welcome.

Academic year

The Conservatorio di Musica Fausto Torrefranca adopts the following organization of the academic year:

  • Winter Semester: 1 november – 2nd week of February
  • Spring Semester: last week of February – 3rd week of June

Course Catalogue

All informations about the Conservatorio, the staff, the lessons and the courses are listed in the website.
Study plans are listed here.



All lessons and courses are given in Italian. Although most of our teachers speak English or other languages, you must have at least an appropriate knowledge of the Italian language: the recommended language level is B1. We offer Italian Language Courses during 1st term.



The Conservatorio di Musica Fausto Torrefranca provides both civil liability and health insurance to all participants into projects approved by the Institutional Bodies.



The Conservatorio di Musica Fausto Torrefranca provides assistance related to obtaining visas for incoming mobile participants.



The Conservatorio di Musica Fausto Torrefranca will guide mobile participants in finding accommodation, according to the requirements of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.


Address for applications

Conservatorio di Musica Fausto Torrefranca
Via Corsea snc 89900 Vibo Valentia, Italia


Phone +39 (0)963 375235 (h 9-13)


Teachers and staff

Projects regarding STA and STT incoming must be sent to the Coordinator for International relations: a cv and a Teaching Program is required.
For further information and applications please write an e-mail to